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TGB Entertainment provides DJ services, karaoke services and live entertainment for parties, weddings, family & class reunions, or just about any other venue you can think of. We have a wide range of music available; from the ’40s through today’s top ten hits. The music genre varies from pop, rock, R&B, country, disco, adult contemporary and dance/club.

We also can add Trivia to the mix. So, for a bit more excitement at your next party, why not have a bit of trivia. We can provide a vast assortment of categories: ’60’s, ’70s, ’80s, Movie, Sports, etc.

Is live entertainment more of what you are looking for? We offer that as well, performing songs from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, along with a few songs from the ’80s and beyond. The songs range from ballads, blues, country, pop and rock.

So, for a real entertaining time at your next event, please keep TGB Entertainment in mind.

Full DJ & Party DJ Services

When you want the best party and professional DJ and entertainer for your upcoming event, look no further! Your guests will have a blast whether it is a formal event or more casual. Our vast collection of music allows just about any music lover, at any type of event to have a great time. Keep your wallet happy with our professional party DJ services!


Boom Box what? You read that right! Providing BoomBox Bingo for the people in and around Reading PA, Lebanon PA, Phoenixville PA, Lancaster PA, and Allentown PA areas. We play songs from the '40s through today's top hits! What is BoomBox Bingo you may ask? Well, it's musical bingo where TGBE plays a clip of a song and the players look for that song title on their cards. Just like bingo, but replaced the numbers with songs. This is a fantastic game for all ages!


Karaoke Party Services

Take your parties and events to a whole new level of awesome by hosting a karaoke party! Not everyone feels comfortable singing in a bar full of strangers but has a song they absolutely love. Whether you're brave enough to host karaoke in a bar, or your own home, invite your friends for an evening of musical entertainment! Find out who is a pop star in the making or an inner Elvis Presley!

Trivia with DJ Uncle Rich!

Looking for something fun and unique to do in your spare time? Why not trivia? DJ Trivia is a fun, live, interactive game involving you and your group versus other teams in the ultimate game of who knows more. It is great fun and great times each and every week. Bring as many friends as you can to form the ultimate trivia team, or come and make some new ones! We provide many types of trivia games including Ladder Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Fortune, Trivia Squares and QuizMasters!


A Gallery of Fun with TGB Entertainment!