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Game Shows for Restaurants and Bars

TGB Entertainment is a party dj and karaoke dj throughout Allentown PA and Reading PA.

Restaurants and bars share one common goal … to get people into their establishments. When I use the word restaurant, I am referring to the kind of places that are bars where food is served. The owners of these venues are always looking for new ways to draw a crowd: installing game machines, pool tables, dart boards, singers, bands, DJ’s and karaoke. All well and good but sometimes they may be looking for something totally different. This is where BoomBox Bingo and TV-style Trivia Game Shows come in.

Let’s start with BoomBox Bingo. The advantage of a good music bingo event is that it combines two favorite games into one super game, namely name-that-tune and bingo. It is a great way to have folks of all ages participate in a music trivia type format. How it generally works is that a song plays for 30-40 seconds and players have to identify the song, like name-that-tune. Then the player locates and marks the song on their bingo card. When the first player has 5 in a row, they are the winners. BoomBox Bingo is great because it has short games and means people can play a few rounds, eat/drink … and then play another few games. Players may find that they’re having such a great time, they may get that “one more game” feeling and stick around, which is great for your establishment!

Now let’s talk a little bit about the TV-style game shows. These are trivia game shows that utilize game boards on a flat screen and buzzers to chime in with your answer. These games share similarities to TV game shows such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Hollywood Squares. These are great trivia shows where individuals can compete either as individuals or teams.

The other option is to keep it simple with QuizMasters, a simple pen and paper trivia game. Blank slips are handed out for each round. One round lasts about 10-15 minutes with a mixture of questions and pictures.

So, as a restaurant and/or bar owner you have many more options available for drawing in the crowd other than the standard forms of entertainment! Contact Rich at TGB Entertainment (610-781- 0682) to book your next game or trivia show now! TGB Entertainment can provide DJ services to Lebanon, Allentown, Lancaster, Reading, and more!

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