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Trivia Bingo

trivia bingo games from tgbProviding Trivia Bingo for the people in and around Reading PA, Lebanon PA, Lancaster PA, and Allentown PA areas. We play songs from the ’40s up through today’s hits! What is Trivia Bingo you may ask? Well, it’s bingo where TGBE takes trivia from all sorts of sources and the answers appear on your sheets. It’s just like bingo, but replace the numbers with the answers to the trivia questions. This is a fantastic game for all ages! If you love our Boombox Bingo, you’ll love this!



are you a trivia master? call and find out where you can test your knowledgeFrom movie buffs to music fans, yearly themes like the 90s or 80s, sports fans trivia, food trivia experts, and even super nerdy know-it-alls will have a blast with our Trivia Services! Our Trivia is current, fact-checked and the most fun for the best price!

TGB Entertainment is proud to offer awesome trivia shows to numerous locations. Currently we make appearances at Esposito’s Restaurant and Pizza, and the Sam Adams Brewhouse in the Holiday Inn in Breiningsville PA. Want to know dates and times? Give us a call at 610-781-0682, or contact us.

We provide a variety of trivia games including Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, Trivia Fortune, Trivia Squares and QuizMasters!

Let TGB Entertainment help you create an event at your bar that will keep customers coming back week after week with fun games and trivia! If you need music more than games, we have DJ services too.


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DJ Service: TGB Entertainment
201 Schoffers Road
Reading, PA 19606

Phone Number: (610) 781-0682

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