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What Is BoomBox Bingo?

TGB Entertainment offers boombox bingo

I often get the question: “What is BoomBox Bingo and how do I play?” The short description is: BoomBox Bingo is a combination of “Name That Tune” and “Bingo.” Instead of numbers on the bingo cards, there are song titles. And just as there are 75 numbers in regular bingo, there are 75 songs in each BoomBox Bingo game.

To play the game, I will play a small clip of a song (typically 40 seconds). The player then looks for that song title on their card. Each card is different, just as in regular bingo. And when the player gets five songs vertical, horizontal or diagonal, they win BoomBox Bingo! Typically three games are played in a one hour show, single bingo, double bingo and blackout (also known as full card). Prizes are awarded to the winners. These can vary, depending on the event.

Another great feature of BoomBox Bingo is that it can be tailored to the event. I have the capability to provide more games within a certain time frame by either shortening the amount of time the songs are played or creating catalogs with a lesser number of songs. For instance, if I create a game of only 40 songs, I will then be able to get three games completed in a 30-minute show. The program is very flexible!

Now what about the songs themselves? Can they be tailored to the event? Absolutely! I have standard sets, such as oldies, classic rock, Disco, and decade specific, just to name a few. But if you have an event coming up, let’s say a holiday party and Christmas bingo is requested, I can put a catalog of music together for that event.

As you can see by this brief explanation, BoomBox Bingo is extremely flexible, and FUN! It is great for private parties, public events, bars/restaurants/nightclubs, and groups. So, the next time you are planning an event, don’t forget about BoomBox Bingo!

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